Buying Services

Serving ALL Over The NL.


We advise you on the price, location, mortgage and all the points which matter.


Low interest because of our wide variety of mortgages. Among others, we work with ABN-AMRO, Rabobank, Robuust, Aegon, ASR, bijBouwe, BLG Wonen, Centraal Beheer, Florius, Hypotrust, ING, IQWoon, Lloyds, MUNT, Nationale Nederlanden, NIBC Direct, Syntrus and Woonfonds.

Make Offer

We make an offer on your behalf and negotiate with the selling party’s real estate agent


As soon as the deal has been brokered, we assist in planning an appointment with the notary office and instruct them about the details.​


Arrange for an appraisal and, where necessary, a structural survey.


Check the notarial documents.